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Can’t Find the Fish?

February 25, 2009

***With open water fishing just around the corner here in Maine, its never too late to book that weekend fishing trip. Maine offers a wealth of fly fishing opportunities, but if you don’t know the area, things can get tricky. Luckily, I have your back.
Freshly added and available for your viewing enjoyment come two of the most acclaimed guide services Maine has to offer.

Libby Camps, 2007’s Orvis lodge of the year, offers a variety of experiences for beginners and novice angles alike. Take a look at their website, its full of pictures and other useful info. If your feeling adventurous, they also offer trips to Labrador. For more info on Maine fishing packages, click here!
Libby Camps

Tracewski Fishing Adventures is another great choice if you hope to snag a few trophy Brook trout that Maine has become famous for. They also offer a wide variety of fishing packages for anglers of any skill level, and bring a vast array of fishing knowledge and skills to the table. Browse the website and check out some of the pictures!


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