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Less Is More

February 25, 2009

**Well I’ve done it! I created a good thing just to turn around and take it away (Sorta)!

I have been monitoring the progress of the “Laugh of the Day” and “Grab Bag” pages on the site, and they have attracted a fair amount of interest over the past few days. Unfortunately, the pages are not serving the purpose I initially intended. In order to keep the content on my site readily available and fresh, I have decided to add the “Laugh of the Day” to the daily post section of my Blog. This means you as the reader can still enjoy a fresh, sometimes violent and degrading laugh every time you log in.


As for the “Grab Bag” section, while some might say I simply deleted it, (Which is 100% correct) I like to think of it more as a friendly merger. Unlike some mergers that seem to ruin a good thing (XM+SIRIUS anyone?) I feel like this merger will ultimately benefit you, the reader.In addition to these changes, new pages will begin to pop up in the next week, so stay tuned.

To not completely destroy all that I’ve worked so hard for, here are a few select pieces from the pages that we have lost  because I don’t know what I’m doing. Enjoy!

sleeping-bear1**Call in sick and trick your boss into thinking your smart!

“Due to metabolic inability to cope with a recent shift change, I did not respond to External  Stimuli, thereby remaining in a comatose condition.” (I Slept Through my Alarm)————>

**Life Supply of Rabbit Zonker Strips! worlds_largest_rabbit_212

Chuck Norris?

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