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The State of the Nation (As not even Lord, I mean President Obama can present it)

March 23, 2009

-Because I’m waiting on a few pictures via L.L.Bean for my “Spring Fishing Expo” story, I’ve decided it might be a good idea to give everyone an update on the state of Up’North, the upcoming open water fishing season, and life in general (not in any particular organized order).

*This past month has been crazy for me and the blog. I’ve seen a huge increase in visitors and an overall great reaction from many different people regarding Up’North’s content and general layout. I’m trying hard to establish a certain pattern of posts so my readers can learn to look forward to different days based on content. For example, Thursdays I feature different fly fishing artists, and Sundays I give you “Yet Another Reason Fly Fishing Is Better.” I feel like these features have been well received, and I find that I have attracted a good group of daily visitors who leave their fair share of comments and make things around the site interesting and entertaining. People from my home town, as far as Alaska, and as Influential as representatives and senior members of Orvis and L.L.Bean have taken time to read my work. It’s not always easy to find things to write about, so I really appreciate the feedback and friendly remarks.

Trout On!

The site has given me much to smile about since I created it at the end of February. I’ve met many people who have helped me a lot along the way through ideas, tips, and thoughtful comments. Some of the biggest players in the “Fly Fishing Blog” community have accepted me into their niche no questions asked, and have set the bar as far as quality and content are concerned. The content they post on their sites drives me to work harder and come up with new more innovative ways to attract readers. It’s a great feeling to visit the blog of a fellow writer to find that a link to my site has been added to their list of friends. I can’t express enough how much this support means to me. Even organizations like the Maine Department of Conservation have mentioned Up’North Maine Fly Castings in their publications, singing my praise. It’s humbling to think that people who play such an important role in my state’s conservation are inclined to take time out of their busy schedules to read what I have to say.

Finally, I’d like to thank personally the great people of L.L.Bean for spreading the word about Up’North and checking in on the site almost daily. Having always been a great fan of Bean, I’ve quickly started to realize that the people who make up this historic company are truly that of class and integrity. The support you have shown this Fly Fishin’ County Boy is more than appreciated, and I take great pride in all the help and kind words Mac and the rest of the crew have thrown my way. I can shoot down the non-believers firmly and say here today that L.L.Bean has been, and will continue to be first and foremost a “Maine Company” supporting “Maine Folk.”


So enough of the schmoozing and “official” banter, lets welcome Spring back from it’s long winter hiatus. April 1st is approaching quickly, and my dreams of casting a fly will soon be reality. I can say without a doubt that I’ve never looked forward to fly fishing season more than I do this year. I can only hope that balancing school and “Spring Fever” will be easier than I currently foresee. In anticipation, I have taken my fly tying to the next level and created a few monsters that I’m just itching to try out on the river. I tried tying from the step by step instructions in a few different books, but have realized that creating my own patterns and simply looking at existing flies in my box are a much more productive way of developing my own technique and style. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made as a tyer, and hope to show readers a few of my latest creation in an upcoming post. Stay Tuned!

That’s just about everything that’s gone on in my life regarding fly fishing and Up’North during the past Month. As for the months to come, look forward to some pretty drastic changes. While I can’t give an exact time line, soon the day will arrive when I decide to spread my wings and find a web host for the site. This will bring in new and interesting plug-ins, dramatic layout changes, tons of new content, and so much more. Look forward to decals, shirts, and even hats around the time summer approaches. For less than it takes to drink on a Friday night, you too can sport fancy Up’North gear that is sure to make the ladies drool. It’s only a matter of time! Until then, Good health, Cheers, and as always..
Happy Castings,

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