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Mornin Coffee: Togue Time!

March 26, 2009

-Today’s Mornin’ Coffee features a picture from Alex Plourde, and another from my little brothers “Maine Guide” class at Community High School in Fort Kent, Maine.

Alex caught this hefty Lake trout ice fishing on Eagle Lake at the end of February. I’m lucky he was able to get a picture of this beauty, because I was a slacker and decided not to tag along that day. Go figure right? Thanks for the picture Al, keep em coming!

Alex Plourde Togue

Alex Plourde Togue

“Maine Guide” is an elective class taught every year at Community High School by Mr. John Kaleta. Mr. K is a great teacher, and during the course you learn things like how to use a map and compass and other important survival skills. A few highlights include a Canoe trip and of course, Ice Fishing. The year my class went, we finished out the day with a grand total of ZERO fish. This year was a little different. My grandfather was present this time and worked his magic to produce this 5 pound monster. Nice Fish Guys!

2009 Maine Guide Class: 5 Lb Lake Trout

2009 Maine Guide Class: 5 Lb Lake Trout

Happy Castings,


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