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The Wait is Over!

April 8, 2009

-The time has finally come ladies and gents, Rollcast Productions has finally released their long anticipated film “Hustle and Fish.” The film was done on location in Alaska, Canada, and Washington, and promised loads of non-stop fishing action.This film is the real deal!
Go out and buy it, Up’North orders!
Hustle & Fish
Learn more about the movie and view an exclusive new Trailer by visiting
To order your copy of Hustle and Fish, CLICK HERE!

Happy Castings,

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  1. Kennebagojoe permalink
    May 24, 2009 9:45 pm

    The week is now over and believe it or not i did get a chance to go fishing. Of course it was the Kennebago river. I spent an hour or so going thru the fly box trying to find something that would work and then all of a sudden My fishing partner Jim hit on a wonder of all wonders. He started taking very reasonable fish on a size 16 elk hair caddis. here we are in the middle of beautiful salmon water and all the fixin’s to do battle and he takes fish on a self tyed caddis. Dry flies during spring fishing and that causes me concern. But then i have taken fish during snow storms. These dries really worked. he caught at least 8 or 9 and nice ones too. they took it with gusto. We had a blast wrestling with foot long trout and not a black fly in sight. It was a little windy and chilly but still fun.
    The complexion of the river has changed some from ice out, a few new scours and few more rips and several really nice places to work streamers and nymphs. I would not try a dropper fly in these waters. you are apt to catch one on each and then you got trouble.Voice of experience here
    The road from the rangeley side is a better road to the bridge, the eustis side is rough but passable. any rain and it will be 4X4 all the way. The hatches should start this week. BWO are starting and the caddis will be in shortly. A mahogany caddis works really well late evening and an emerger of the same color will cover the rest of the day. Dont pass up any water cause the trout tend to be in quieter places on the river.
    stopped in to see Diane at Tea pond camps and she is still scratching her head cause a 10 year old kid picked up a 22″ salmon right off the dock the nite before on a bobber. Now that is not something you hear about every day. But she said the fishing has been great and fast too. Noel was busy cutting wood so I didnt get a chance to talk with him, but I trust diane’s word Dont let her good looks decieve you she knows her stuff and is free to share info. She can handle info on all sports and lots of fun too.
    I am headed in to camp the first week of June. so anyone who has the time let me know.There is always room for one more. my cell actually works up there so let me know. there is always an extra sleeping bag and enough food for a small village so come on up. Liquid refreshments are served about 7 and the camp fire is about 830 so come on up. there are NO openings at the camps but there is always the couch in the Main lodge. Guides are available( me) and i would expect a serious amount of fish will meet us at the dock too. Call the camps for local and immediate fishing info. Jim will even tye some “special” flies just for Tea pond. they have worked so far so have faith brothers. Anywhere there is water there has got to be fish.


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  2. The Wait is Over!

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