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Salmon or no Salmon, THAT is the Question!

April 24, 2009

-Well, It’s almost 10pm and I’m finally settling in back home in Fort Kent. I was lucky enough to receive my second tour of the Bushmaster Firearms factory today, only this time it was as an introduction to where I would be working for the next three months. Needless to say, all the paperwork and politics are in the past, and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to get started!

Bushmaster Firearms

After eight hours of driving/napping, I can say with confidence that I have never seen more cops over the course of one day in my entire life. At one point during my drive I was behind a cruiser, and being followed by a cruiser for almost half an hour. My Drivers-Ed teacher would have been proud of my 10 and 2 hand placement, and my steady speed of 65mph. Needless to say I weathered the storm, dodged a few moose, and finally made it home.
What I saw when I pulled into Aroostook county didn’t particularly impress me, but It was something I was prepared for. The two inches of rain my father told me about, to my dismay, was not the exaggeration I had hoped it would be. I stopped on the bridge over Soldier Pond to examine the area I had planned on fishing, and was shocked to see it at least two feet higher than when I was home for Easter. Needless to say, water that high doesn’t exactly scream “Put a boat in me!” so I’ll have to examine other options if I plan on tempting a few Salmon while I’m home. Creek Addict comrade Chris Michels seems to think Nymphs might be my best bet, but these Native Landlocks are usually much too stubborn to fall for those antics. Until the water levels drop, I don’t expect the fish to be very active. Maybe tomorrows bluebird “summer day” will help my case and give me a better chance at some fish on Sunday. Either way, high water or not you can bet I’ll be fishing tomorrow, so check back soon for a report and some pictures.

This was Two Weeks ago, The water is about 2 Feet over those shrubs now!

This was Two Weeks ago, The water is about 2 Feet over those shrubs now!

For now I sit reclined with my computer on my lap, soaking in the comforts of home with my Black Lab Molly by my side. The Redsox and the Yankees are in the bottom of the 11th inning deadlocked at 4, and I’m hoping the Sox can pull one out tonight to open up the………..going GOING GOIIIINNGGGGG GONNE! Kevin Youkilis hit’s a walk-off homer over the Green Monster! Sox take the first game of the weekend series! (That literally just happened as I was writing). At least I have something to smile about before turning in for the night!

Wish me luck tomorrow, I’m gonna need it!

Tight Lines,


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  1. April 25, 2009 12:01 am

    dude, those wily ol’ landlocks will spit those nymphs back in yo’ face. bitch slap ’em old school style. Streamer City in blown water. Good luck mang. I hope to read the report come Sunday now.


  1. Salmon or no Salmon, THAT is the Question!

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