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Sometimes Fishing Hurts

June 1, 2009

-Recently my buddy Derick caught more than he bargained for while out Muskie fishing. Rather than ruining the story by setting it up with some catchy hook and sharp punch lines (no pun intended), I’ll let Derplo do the talking.
Here is his story, beware, you may never release your fish the same again…
Derplo's Killer Muskie

Derplo's Killer Muskie

Friday afternoon my brother and I headed out in the rain hoping to see some action. We went down river for a while to one of my favorite spots of deep dead water. We trolled through it once and my brother had a nice big hit, so we decided to work that spot for a while. After the third pass I hooked on to that nice bad boy. I played him for ten minutes or so until I finally brought him into the boat. While doing the unhooking process, I stupidly had my other hand on the lure (as you can see in the picture). The muskie made one last attempt to escape and caught my hand in the process. At first I tried to rip the hooks out of my hand then he started rolling again. Then I tried to cut the trebles right from the lure, but he started to beat his head again. I couldn’t scream because my brother would have instinctively jumped in the back of the canoe causing us to flip. After the third roll inside the canoe I ripped the one treble out of his mouth. I couldn’t hold him up for a pic because the hook was still in my hand. It took him a while but he took off. I motored over to shore and went to the emergency room. It took them 20 minutes to remove the trebles and I passed out. The bottom of my canoe looked like someone got shot in it. So I guess the moral of the story is be careful how you handle MUSKIES! PS. I thought that was the end of my muskie fishing days, but yesterday I was out but could not run the motor. My bro and his girlfriend each caught a nice one under 30 inch.

Yeah, thats a hook in Derick's hand.

Yeah, thats a hook in Derick's hand.

Derplo wrestling with his catch, trying to save his hand.

Derplo wrestling with his catch, trying to save his hand.

Disturbing pictures indeed. Get well soon Derplo, I look forward to finally fishing Muskie with you this summer when I make the long trip home.

But honestly, I must say, releasing the fish would have been the last thing on my mind with hooks that large embedded into my hand! You truly are a dedicated sportsman.

Join the conversation with Derick and other dedicated Muskie anglers at the message boards!
Hats off, and Happy Castings,


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  1. Alex Plourde permalink
    June 2, 2009 11:15 am

    Aw come on Derick you know Ashley’s and my muskie were over 30 inches! Note to all muskie hunters, always practice catch and release. If your not going to eat a muskie then why waste it, throw it back and let it grow. Were hoping on catching 50 inchers soon.

  2. June 1, 2009 11:09 pm



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