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Making Memories

July 17, 2009

– Being away for the summer has been enjoyable, but at least a few times a day my mind wanders to some of my favorite fishing haunts back home. Out of all the river bends and remote ponds I miss, the Soldier Pond bridge will probably always rank towards the top as far as my all time favorite spots are concerned.

Fishing off that bridge is something special and pure in a sense few could ever grasp. Only those who have done it know the feeling, and even they can’t explain it. Casting a line out high over the Pond holds a special place in my heart, not because of the fish I’ve caught, but because of the countless hours I have spent peering down at the water, wondering what I’m doing wrong. Very few can say they have the Salmon in Soldier Pond figured out, and half of those that claim they have are lying (The other Half are all over 60). Streamers one day, dries the next, and all in sizes Western Fly Fishermen would snicker at.

Still, here I sit, more than 5 hours away and wishing I was casting from that Bridge. A picturesque view, some good company, and countless nights spent wondering what my evening of fishing has in store.

Soldier Pond Bridge

Soldier Pond Bridge

This picture was taken during a Spring fishing trip with a good friend. As we beached the Canoe, I turned and snapped a picture of the turbid water under the bridge. While in natural light, the photo never stuck out to me as something special. A simply switch to black and white and I feel like it speaks volumes.

The lines created on the surface by the waves draw me to this photo, while the reflection gives it an almost haunting glow. Between opposite shores, hundreds of fishermen spanning many decades have tossed their fly into the mix. This picture represents much more than a bridge to me, it represents memories, and memories are all we really have at the end of the day. That is why I love Fly Fishing, because it helps me create memories I will forever cherish. It’s not just fishing, it’s life.

Deep, I know. Let’s hear about some favorite fishing haunts from the Up’North faithful  (please include detailed directions) and some of your memories attached with them. Also, if you have any pictures that better represent your favorite memories on the water, send them in and I will gladly post them. Click HERE to find out how.

Best Fishes,


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