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An Old Friend

July 20, 2009

– I had about two hours to spare for some fishing today, but that was all I needed.

The Pleasant River has dropped some in the past week, which made wading easier than ever. I stuck with what worked on my previous trip and threw on a small Adams, hoping to get into the action quickly. About twenty casts later and I was tying on a Royal Wulff, praying my luck would change. Unfortunately, dry flies were not what those pesky Trout were after.

I scoured through my fly box looking for something I thought might turn my luck around. I reluctantly settled on a scrappy looking Muddler Minnow that I have not fished in years, going on a strange feeling that it might be just what I was looking for. I tied it on and rolled it out into the swift current, working it upstream and stalling over the deeper sections where I thought the fish might be hiding. The temperature that day was in the mid 80’s, so I knew any trout in that section of the river were likely hiding in the shadows under the bridge.

Pleasant River

Sure enough, a decent looking fish made a run at the Muddler. I went for the hook set but missed by a mile, shrugging it off and knowing that this fight was far from over. I let the current carry the fly past the hole, then started to gradually work it back towards where I knew the fish was hiding, making sure not to rush my efforts. Sure enough, the current exploded as the hungry Trout slammed the Muddler and darted across the river. I quickly turned him and slowly let him make his way to my feet. Low and Behold, it was an old friend from back home, a Brook Trout of about 10 inches. This was the first Brookie I had seen since leaving home in the Spring, and I was thrilled that the brightly colored Trout had blessed me with it’s presence.

I attempted a picture with my phone, but we all know how terrible those come out. Holding fast that a memory was much better than any picture could ever be, I shook the barbless hook free from the fish and watched as it darted out of sight.

I sat back on a rock under the bridge and took in my surroundings, feeling grateful for my short moment of glory with such a beautiful fish. This is why I love fly fishing so much, and why I will keep returning to the Pleasant River for years to come.

See you on the river!


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  1. Mark Ouellette permalink
    July 21, 2009 9:34 am

    Nice report Ben!

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