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Flyin’ High

August 9, 2009

– Another weekend gone, and another weekend without Fly Fishing.

This weekend my brother and I, along with help from my entire family, threw my parents a party to celebrate their 25th wedding Anniversary. Almost 100 people, friends, family, and loved ones from throughout their marriage showed up to congratulate them with kind words and gifts of all shapes and sizes. While the gifts were appreciated, the great feelings that came from being around family ultimately made the day special. 25 years together is an amazing accomplishment these days, and I am happy that my parents got the opportunity to see how many people they have affected in so many positive ways throughout those 25 years.
The whole Famn-Damily

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the party, mom and dad got a rare and exciting gift that no doubt rivaled all others. My cousin Jessica and her husband Matt Libby Jr. of Libby Sporting Camps flew in for the party with their Cessna float plane. After an amazing dinner, Matt loaded my nervous mother and my (ear to ear grin) father into the plane and took them for the ride of a lifetime. Over the rolling hills and down the fish river, they took in the glorious sights and enjoyed views that few will ever get the opportunity to see. After a quick fly over the house and the Muskie Derby crowd in the busy streets of Fort Kent, they made one final fly over the party before landing softly and safely on Eagle Lake.

Upon reaching shore, mom and dad could not say enough great things about the time they had flying high over the Maine Wilderness. I helped my mom down from the plane and soon was ready to walk back towards the party when Matt extended an offer to take me up for a quick fly. I simply could not refuse.


Circling high over the miles and miles of pine forests, remote ponds, and snaking rivers, I took in my surroundings from over 1000 feet in the sky. Nothing could have prepared me for such a beautiful ride, and I am forever I debt to Matt for giving me the experience of a lifetime. Flying over Northern Maine gave me a renewed appreciation for the place I call home, and I am sure no other place in the world will ever leave me as breathless. While the world is full of natural wonders, few will ever make me smile as much the North woods.

I would like to thank Matt Libby Jr. for such a memorable experience, and for making my parents smile on their special day. With all the amazing things money can buy these days, soaring like a bird over one of the most beautiful places in the world is truly priceless. My one regret? I didn’t have a camera. I REALLY need to work on that.

Tight Lines,


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  1. August 10, 2009 2:36 am

    The old forgot-the-camera problem. It makes me cry.

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