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A Learning Experience

September 24, 2009

– Good idea, bad outcome! Something I never want to happen when tying a fly.

My initial idea was to tie a variation of the Gray Ghost, and it seemed to be going well up until the final assembly. I started by pre-assembling my wings and cheeks, which was relatively easy and what I felt was largely successful. When that was completed, I covered the shank with burnt orange floss and then tagged and ribbed it with oval Mylar tinsel, which I also thought to be extremely successful. Unfortunately, it was the assembly that killed me.

Besides completely LEAVING OUT the strands of peacock hurl, almost everything went wrong when the final assemble was underway. For starters I angled one of the jungle cock feathers the wrong way, so I had to carefully pull off and reposition it on the silver pheasant. Because I don’t have a rotary vise and am still using the P.O.S one from my starter kit, I could not rotate the vise to more easily assemble the wings, which proved difficult. About half way through I also realized that I should have used golden pheasant instead of yellow bucktail. Clearly a rookie mistake.

By the time I finished the fly, it looked nothing like the variation of Gray Ghost that I was going for. To top it off, I made the head much larger than It needed to be, which just adds to the inexperience you can see written all over this fly.

I clearly need a step by step tutorial or video to tie these more complex flies. Still, don’t underestimate my persistance. Tonight I head back to the vise looking to correct some of the wrongs I committed last night. For now, you’ll have to critique this fly and help me out in any way you see fit!

The scene of the crime

The scene of the crime

Can you tell what's wrong with this image?

Can you tell what's wrong with this image?

My first attempt. HELP!

My first attempt. HELP!

I also had the chance to fish my Dr. Burke this weekend, and while it didn’t land me the trophy trout I hoped for, it did swim nicely. Upon drying a few flaws were uncovered, and I took some notes on the wing assembly to prevent it from splitting in the future.

My Dr. Burke

My Dr. Burke

That’s all for now. Any comments or constructive criticism will be taken graciously, so lets hear your thoughts!

Tight Lines,


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  1. September 24, 2009 2:25 pm

    “To borrow a phrase from John Gierach “ If you fish the wrong fly long and hard enough it will sooner or later become the right fly”. Yes I can see a few minor flaws, but to be truthful Ben they both look the bollocks to me mate!

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