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The Hunting List

November 19, 2009

– With Hunting season in Maine almost wrapped up, the Thanksgiving holiday is the last time many people can take to the woods in search of that trophy deer. Whether your hitting the hunting camp with some buddies or simply going alone, some basic essentials will go a long way towards making your hunt more comfortable and enjoyable!

So without further ado, the Up’North Hunting Essentials List…

Multiple Day Trips require a much larger packing list of essential items, Including spare tires, pulleys, and high lifts!

  • Wool Clothing, Including but not limited to socks, pants, and perhaps a coat. Wool is extremely warm and also breaths well.
  • Hunter Orange: Maine requires 2 articles of orange during hunting season, so bring a hat and a vest for good measure.
  • Your Hunting License! Purchase one online HERE. Remember, this year bear hunters are required to have a separate tag!
  • Up to date rules and regulations manual.
  • Comfortable boots: Bean Boots are a great choice here, but anything with Gore-Tex waterproofing and Thinsulate insulation will work fantastic. If your boots are new, wear them around the house to break them in before using them in the field to avoid blisters and soar feet.
  • Layers: I prefer cotton layers under wool, but companies like Under Armor make some great base layers that will keep you warm and dry.
  • Extra Hats: Bring an orange beanie for if it gets frigid where you are hunting, and a simple orange baseball cap for those warmer days. Controlling the temperature of your head has a dramatic effect on the rest of your body.

When the going gets tough, throw on some tire chains! Don't forget a healthy helping of bungee cords!

  • Heat Packs: For all your tree stand hunters, sometimes heavy clothing just is not enough. Any local grocery or clothing store usually stocks heat packs for frigid days, especially the ones in northern Maine. It’s a great idea to have them in your pack, just in case!
  • A good pair of gloves: Your hands are important (You need them to pull the trigger) so cover them up! Thicker gloves may be difficult to hunt with, but many different companies make thin “shooting gloves” that do a great job of keeping your hands warm and dry.
  • A day pack: A well stocked, comfortable day pack is essential to a comfortable day on the trail. Include extra socks, layers, and plenty of water for the walk. Candy bars or small snacks will also provide an energy boost when the going gets rough. An emergency aid kit, including a compass, matches, and some dry paper are also a must!  Make sure to keep your pack light, bringing only the essential items and leave the rest home. You don’t need to be tired out on the trail.
  • Extra ammunition: Don’t let the big one get away! You don’t need to carry a small arsenal, but bring at least 2 full clips, or about 1 box of rounds for the rifle you will be using. Always assume you might have to sight your gun in again for ANY reason, and bring enough ammo to accommodate this.
  • Gun cleaning trail kit, including cotton swabs or a scope cleaning tool. Very important for those mishaps when your gun is dropped in the mud/snow, etc.
  • TOILET PAPER: Yeah, you get the idea.
  • Sun Glasses: Quality sun glasses make sunny days much easier on the eyes, and much more enjoyable. Polarized sun glasses are my first choice, but any pair will do the trick (except your cheesy giant white ones, Paris Hilton). In addition, many companies now make shooting classes that provide sufficient U.V. protection. Secure them to your head with chums, or using any other method of your choice. Just remember, glass shatters, so if they are not shooting glasses, remove them to avoid eye loss before you take the shot!
  • Compass, GPS, and a Map: Bagging a trophy buck really isn’t that impressive if you die along with it because you can’t find your way home! Learn how to use all three to ensure survival in the big woods.
  • Flagging Tape: This is a great idea for marking your tracks and alerting other hunters that you might be in the area. This is NOT a safe replacement for a compass, but can prove extremely useful during short walks through thick brush. High visibility orange or a bright blue is usually your best bet!
  • Cell Phone: While useless in 99% of the North Woods, cell phones can an extremely useful survival tool if you happen to have service.
  • Portable Marine Radio: Other hunters may be near by if you need assistance! These also prove extremely useful when hunting with friends in the same area.
  • Murs Radio: Murs is now used almost exclusively in the North Woods by loggers of ALL major outfits. To avoid getting crushed by a fully loaded truck during your drive up to camp, purchase and install a Murs radio. Be careful to note the correct channels for each road, and frequently make your location known to other drivers in the area. Do not forget, the woods roads were created for logging, and logging trucks and equipment ALWAYS have the right of way.
  • A Knife or 2….or 4: Gutting a deer is tough work, and almost always requires more than 1 sharp knife. Do yourself a favor and bring at least 3, nobody wants to be cutting up a deer with a butter knife!
  • Anything else that might make you comfortable during a long day in the woods!

Jon knows all the essentials required for a weekend trip in the woods. Remember, it is ALWAYS better to be overpacked.

If you can think of something I forgot, add it to the list via the comments section below! Remember to always practice safety when hunting under ANY conditions. It is ALWAYS a better idea to hunt with a partner. Up’North does not support or encourage the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs while hunting, as it is not safe practice and strictly prohibited by state and federal law. Please enjoy your brewskis at camp AFTER the hunt. And by all means, enjoy yourself and the great outdoors!

See you on the trail,


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3 Comments leave one →
  1. November 19, 2009 11:26 pm

    Don’t take any guff from those whiners who drive compact cars. You have a truck bed, so freaking fill it.

  2. November 19, 2009 12:43 pm

    Uhh, are you going hunting, or invading Canada?

    • November 19, 2009 12:51 pm

      hahahaha that picture of the truck is when we went Moose Hunting. It was a week long trip, so we loaded up with enough lights and gear to hang the moose in a tree if we had to. The lights were just in case we killed right before dark. You would be surprised how much he actually used, I’ll post a picture of the rigging on twitter.

      Thanks for the Comment T.C., it’s nice to know I have you as an occasional reader!

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