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I’m Melting (My Soul)

January 26, 2010

What is this meaningless word? Certainly one would not be so inclined as to think they might ACTUALLY sleep comfortably during the winter months!? Right? I know this morning I promised I wouldn’t talk about the weather, but guess what? I LIED! It’s 11:30pm on Monday night and quiet frankly I should be two hours into my evening slumber. My first day of teaching classes is tomorrow and lord (sorry atheists) knows I could use the rest. Unfortunately, mother nature has other plans.

Currently outside the temperature is 54 degrees, and the light breeze outdoors is awfully reminiscent of a lovely fall evening on the river. What was once a snow laden winter wonderland has quiet literally transformed in a matter of hours to a muddy wasteland that smells of Spring fishing, wet Labrador Retriever, and the soaking seat of a pickup truck. For those of you who don’t follow, I’ve officially entered the twilight zone (cue scary music).

Orono, Maine

So as I pry open my window and listen to the rain fall ever so gracefully on this exceptionally frustrating, outrageous, b*ll$It messy and uncomfortable evening, I thought It only fair that I share a snapshot of this madness. And remember, if your in my area and you happen to see a young devilishly handsome man outside in his boxers shaking his fist at the sky, please just go about your daily lives and let me wallow in self-pity.

Fishing season is coming…I can feel it….sorta!


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