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Tis’ Rising in the East

February 5, 2010

-Howdy folks

Pardon my week long hiatus! While you may feel saddened, deprived, or just plain robbed of your daily Up’North fix, I can say with confidence that three groups of freshmen Civics students are better off for it. So think of it this way, by not remaining my top priority this week, you helped educated almost 80 high school students on their way to greatness. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Almost a year ago I posted the trailer for Felt Soul Media’s newest project, Eastern Rises. To this date that single post remains my most popular one by a long shot. Every week I get a half dozen or so emails asking if I have any idea when the film is coming out, or if I have any new information to pass along. Unfortunately, the answer has always been a simple NO. Today my friends, is your lucky day.

Heeding the call of my readers, I dropped the Felt Soul crew an email asking for any information they could pass along regarding Eastern Rises. In less than an hour I received a response from Mr. Rummel himself. Take a gander…


We have been getting similar amounts of email inquiries as well.

We had to put ER on hold for longer than anticipated in order to help adapt Red Gold for PBS’s FRONTLINE series this past summer and fall.  That is all behind us now and we are actively working on the post production of ER.  Our goal is to premier it at the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival in late May and ideally have the DVDs dropping around the same time.

We are about half way through the edit and it is feeling very good.  We are stoked to share it with the flyfishing community as soon as humanly possible.
Thank you for your interest and for getting the word out to the masses.

Travis Rummel

Now if your as excited as I am for this film (and I know you are) this is excellent news. If you’ve been living under a rock and are reading this completely confused, I give you (for the second time) the stunning trailer for Felt Soul Media’s Eastern Rises.

Together, we count down the days…!

Tight Lines,


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