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Thinking Aloud

February 10, 2010

– Ok,

So I know I’ve been a little distant lately, but I promise that very shortly things around here will change for the better. With public school vacation only 3 days away (not that I’m counting) I will finally get the rare opportunity to readjust my focus to fly fishing and tying. Writing less on Up’North was never something I wanted, but I would be lying if I said It wasn’t completely necessary if I plan on becoming a successful teacher in the years to come. Still, I look for creative and exciting ways to blend my passion for fly fishing with my philosophy of education. While I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to integrate my obsession some day, now simply is NOT the time, or so I’m told.

But does blending my passion of fly fishing into education really mean teaching students about fly fishing, or is there more to it than that? Wouldn’t teaching students about having passion for ANYTHING be completely relative? How about the importance of finding something that calms you, or giving yourself an opportunity to be creative-a real individual. As the world continues to spin violently out of control into economic unrest and social confusion, it can be easy to discount the profound effect such difficult times have on students. For the most part I see followers, all hanging on the ideals of parents and friends, unable to think outside the box or construct an honest opinion they are willing to defend. Enter fly fishing.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just thinking out loud, but I really feel like I’m on to something here. Not teaching fly fishing, but teaching passion, individualism, and culture THROUGH fly fishing, or at least the idea of it. Showing my students that being successful means so much more than getting straight A’s and being popular. It time to start directing my obvious sentiments for the pastime I love towards something positive, and breathing life into a society that has been far too lifeless for far too long.

Wow, that was deep.

Tight lines,


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  1. February 11, 2010 4:54 pm

    Yeah, dude. Having a 4.0 and being popular is totally overrated.

  2. February 10, 2010 1:16 am

    Great post! Funny that on my blog there is a similar discussion orbiting basic retail land. The feelings of disconnection and having no value in the workplace can easily migrate into education, even fishing if not done properly. Want to teach passion? Awesome! I think a great place to start would be to help someone find value in their own actions and fishing discoveries. That they can influence the sport and make it their own! That they are not just mimicking another’s actions of , ‘cast here’ ‘use this fly’, etc, but make discoveries on their own and celebrate making those discoveries for their effort as their discovery, not anyone else’s. People tend to lose value in their own discoveries because they think they are just living a life of someone else’s discovery. What is the fun in that?

    In my fishing glory days, I was passion gone super nova. Fishing everyday, gone for long stretches, etc. I brought people along with me several times, and though they had an awesome time, none ever picked up the torch on their own. They had a great time, but would only go out with my friend and I. They never found the value for themselves. I just showed them where to fish, what to use, and how to use it. They were me fishing, not them.

    What an awesome endeavor that I totally admire! Tight Lines and May the force be with you!

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