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Contest Update!

March 19, 2010

– Long overdue, I know.

Up’North’s first contest is shaping up to be one of EPIC proportions, at least in the context of this humble northern Maine blog! Before we get into the judging, shall we take a look at the spoils?

1st Prize:

  • A brand new L.L.Bean 5wt Travel Series Fly Rod (will arrive shortly after the contest directly from LLBean)
  • An assortment of 20 flies from yours truly, all tied with premium materials, rugged and ready for some Spring fishing action. Assortment will include various patterns and sizes from my personal favorites collection, all field tested and proven to work in Northern Maine waters, and beyond!
  • A large Up’North Vinyl Graphic Decal–To throw on the side of your boat, or on the back of your mom’s truck.
  • A sticker back from big brother himself, Mr. Roughfisher! The Roughfisher has been an integral part of Up’North’s success, and a contest simply wouldn’t be complete without his presence. (ask nicely and he may include some snack sticks!) hehehe
  • A Dri-Duck waterproof fly fishing hat!

Now for the tricky part: The judging.

I’ve been back and forth trying to decide exactly how to judge the wonderful entries that I have been receiving for over a week now. I left the criteria very loose, and the results are exactly what I was looking for. Long essays, pictures, and a mixture of both have really shown me the creative and passionate side of my readers, and I’ve enjoyed reviewing the entries immensely. The contest will be judged on just that, creativity and passion.

Here are the details:

  • The contest closes at midnight, April 2nd. Only two weeks left, so get crackin’!
  • At the end of two weeks I will select 5 honorable mention entries and 5 finalists that will go on to the final round.
  • The five finalists will be chosen by an expert panel of fly fishing bloggers, businessmen, and celebs (including myself) The judges include:
  1. Mac Mckeever: Senior Public Relations Specialist for L.L.Bean, and supporter of Up’North since day 1.
  2. Jean-Paul Lipton, AKA the Roughfisher, AKA northern Brother from another mother: Guide, blogger, and master of the Roughfish (Not to mention sausage extraordinaire)
  3. Jason Puris: Founder of, fly fishing fanatic, and also a long time supporter of Up’North.
  4. The Fellas at FethaStyx Fly Fishing: Makers of quality fly rods, and fishing experts. This was a no-brainer, they held a similar contest recently.
  5. My father: Because he’s my father, he’s unbiased, and his input is always important to me.
  6. Myself: Because once again, it’s my contest.


For any other questions regarding the contest, I would appreciate you post them in the comments section so all contestants can see the answer. Please note that while there are a few entries from northern Maine, the bulk of submissions thus far have been from all over the country. With that in mind, winners will be chosen based on the quality of their submission, and not due to personal relationships I may or may not have with the entering contestant. All judges involved are expected to judge in the same fashion, and no judges are allowed to enter the contest. Results will be posted promptly after the results are decided. All contest submissions, including photographs will remain property, and may be posted for viewing with full credit given to the contestant.

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