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Words from our Winner.

April 24, 2010

Without further ado! (Sorry for the delay, I’ve been fishing)

Thomas Morin’s winning submission…!

Thomas ties on a streamer in Spring 2009. The water was high, the ice was floating by, but he still found reason to stand in the frigid water to cast. Does this kid has passion? You be the judge.

Dear Up’North,

Writing an essay about fly fishing, and what it means to me is probably the first essay I will enjoy writing. To be honest, this could last for pages, or even be written into a book. The truth is, when I started fishing, fly fishing was nothing to me. Fly fishing was just another sport like shuffle board or bingo, that not many enjoyed. Fishing at that time was also just another thing to do. A few trips here and there with a family member or buddy was just another way to spend some time. When I turned about 10 or 11 fishing evolved in my mind, and took top priority.

Fishing became the love of my life, as I traveled every brook within a walk or bike ride away from my house. I began knowing the basic knots, lures and techniques for brookies. Seeing that I own a worm farm, this type of fishing suited me best. Then, a buddy of mine insisted I go to a secluded place on a road that was unknown to me at the time. His stories amazed me. Every time he began to describe this place to me, my jaw dropped and I began to drool. I accepted this offer of his, and that next Saturday we were on our way. Miles and miles of beautiful scenery, and a short walk led to Heaven. As soon as I met this pond I knew I’d be hooked. Fishing on the pond is traditionally fly fishing, something that was way out of my league. Just a few minutes of setting up, and two days of fishing set me up for a lifelong journey that sure won’t end soon.

What is fly fishing to me now? Well to put it simply, fly fishing is my LIFE. Just days after the season ends, I am asking myself, “How many days ‘till fishing re-opens?”. Fly fishing can be Heaven, and it can also be Hell. Fly fishing is a lifelong passion, one that should be passed on to others. Fly fishing is what should be done with every spare minute of my life. If that is not possible, then what ever I am doing should relate to it. Fly fishing is a beautiful Sunday spent on the water, or a horrible rainstorm. Fly fishing is whatever you make of it. It can be done by yourself in a top secret area, or it can be done with your best buddies. Good meals, laughter, and amazing stories are the back bone of this subject. Fly fishing is time well spent.

Fly fishing has also taken over a lot of my paychecks. My first fly rod was a gift given to me after my 8th grade graduation. What have I gained since then? Well, now I have 5 rods sitting in my room, a vest that is packed solid with flies and everything else imaginable, and a fly tying table in the back room which is scattered with partridge hackle and streamer hooks. Fly fishing is a teacher, and every fly fisherman learns something new while out on the water. My knowledge of the sport has grown way past my expectations. I am now tying knots that I still can’t pronounce properly, tying my own flies(I’ve recently also invested in hens and roosters, which will soon stock my fly tying desk with wonderful hackles of every sort), and searching through magazines to see what rod or line I am best suited for.

All of this wouldn’t have ever been possible without the help of my best friend, and his father. His father is a man with the knowledge of 15 men. What’s the most important moral of my story? Well my friends, this kid and his father followed the first “commandment” any outdoor sport. This rule not only applies to fly fishing, but any other outdoor activity. The Rule:” Share a sport with a friend or family member”. Make them try it once, because just one cast can lead to a lifetime of memories.

In the end, fly fishing is best summed up as a cool drink of water, on a hot summer day. It is that one thing that will always be refreshing and relaxing. Fly fishing will quench my thirst for an expedition, an adrenaline rush, or just a laid back day. I am only about 5 years into this journey, and there is no way I see myself turning back. I cannot wait until it is my turn to return the favor, and start someone else on the lifelong fly fishing journey. Fly fishing has become my passion, and will always be no matter what happens. And what will I do once I die? Well, I sure hope they let you fly fish in heaven, because if they don’t, I will be on the Earth for a hell of a long time.


Thomas Morin

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. April 24, 2010 1:31 pm

    Well done! Congratulations on taking the prize, you earned it!

  2. Lewellyn Morneault ( Pepere Lew ) permalink
    April 24, 2010 11:07 am

    Hey My buddy : Good morning, and what a wonderful essay,, how can you not be proud of a grandkid like you ? Keep the trout coming memere and I just love them… this is a awesome site,, I’ve been fishing for a life time , but not a very good fly fisherman…. I
    troll many , many lakes around ,, and fishing was also one of my passions.. and yes it is costly.. but remember so could weeds , dope.. beer.. ect..and fly fishing will not fry you brain. So keep on doing that kind of sport… Love you Pepere and Memere Lew of Fort Kent Maine


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