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The Purpose


–Fly Fishing. Period.

What started as a hobby has grown into something much more for me in recent years. As luck would have it, northern Maine sports some of the states best trout and salmon fisheries, the best of which is literally at my doorstep.

So why fly fishing? What makes us shell out our hard earned cash for that expensive Sage rod or Abel reels? Fly tying is another complete investment in itself. The answer is simple; Passion. If your reading this, you have a passion shared by few, but treasured by those who share your fortune. Past passion, it really doesn’t matter why you do it. Some like simply being outside, while others cast a fly to relieve stress. Maybe you fish with your father, grandfather, brother, uncle, or just your dog Duke. Maybe you fish alone, enjoying the peace and quiet that often escapes us in this crazy world. Passion for fly fishing means staying on the river all day, rain or shine, casting your fly no matter how great or terrible the fishing is. It means skipping your lunch break because a Mayfly hatch is coming off on your home river. And Finally, it means enjoying fly fishing so much that you want to do all you can to spread the joy of your passion with anyone who will listen.

This is why “Up’North Maine Fly Castings” exists today.

Now tell me, how do you fuel your passion?

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  1. Ryan Cyr permalink
    January 13, 2010 7:43 pm

    where’s the store? Maybe I can stop by in the spring to pick some supplies. I’d rather spend the money up home than at bean’s or cabelas.

    • January 13, 2010 10:06 pm

      I should be pretty well versed in trout and salmon flies by the time the Spring rolls around if you care to purchase them from me. For all of my flies that I don’t tie, materials, leaders etc. I purchase from Theriault Flies in Staceyville, right outside of Patten. He has better than wholesale prices on most of his products, and I just feel better supporting him than I do some of the larger companies. His website is a little choppy but if you request a catalog his selection will blow your mind.

      As far as the Muskie are concerned, I look forward to catching a few on the fly this summer. With that said, nothing terrifies me more than the thought of them getting above the falls and destroying my favorite trout and salmon waters. I honestly don’t know what I would do!

      Where in southern Maine do you live?

    • Ryan Cyr permalink
      May 10, 2010 9:42 pm

      I live in East Waterboro. A friend and I will be heading up Memorial Day weekend. We plan on fishing the the thoroughfare between Long/Mud/Cross Lake. I’ve done this for a few years and have done very well so far. We also plan on taking a trip up to Debouille Mtn. and fishing the lakes/pond/streams. I haven’t been up there since I was a kid. Have you fished that area. I hear they have Char.

  2. stflyfisher permalink
    September 10, 2009 8:17 pm

    Hey Ben,

    Great site – and I agree with your comments under “purpose”. For me, I was born with this passion – no one in my family passed it on or even shared in my enthusiasm. It started early in my life and I learned on my own. You know you have the passion when: 1) your wife won’t let you drive when there’s a river that parallels the highway you’re on because she’s noticed you’re eyes are on the river more than the road, 2) your Christmas list always has a fly rod on it, 3) you know more about the fish at an aquarium or nature preserve than your tour guide, 4) you try to get your kids to go to a college based on its proximity to a trout stream or smallmouth river, and 5) your car is always loaded with your gear…

    How do I fuel my passion – fishing, blogging, and more fishing.

    Tight Lines…

    Bob (southern tier fly fisher)


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